Saturday, April 26, 2008

Is the legendary emperor Ravana a myth?

I say NO, let me explain why..

In Sri Lanka you can find so many names of places, cities, waterfall, mountains and folklore that have direct relation to the story that you read in Ramayanaya. While having all these stories around me, and failing to link each other with reasonable facts, I am still not convinced that Ravana is a myth..

As an example there is a city with the name "Nuwara-Eliya" which assumed to be the city of which Hanuman (Monkey king) burnt with his tail. The local villagers in Sri Lanka talk about this story. They say that the name of that city originated after this incident. The Ramayana also has a similar story to back this up...

There is a waterfall is Sri Lanka with the name Ravana-Ella which assumed to be the place where Ravana kept Seetha (Wife of Rama) after taking her from India. In Ramayana, it claim that Ravana kept Seetha in a flower garden with beautiful waterfalls.

There is a mountain, and local claim that it is the place where Ravana used to land his flying machine or Dandumonaraya. There is a flying machine that Ramayanaya talk about too..

There is a kingdom of Sri Lanka (second ancient kingdom, according to Mahawamsa) named Polonnaruwa, which assumed to be the place where Ravana’s grandfather lived and meditate. He was a very powerful irishi with the name Pulathisi. The city he lived was called Pulathisi-Pura (Pura stand for City in Sinhalese) and even to date Sri Lankan use this name for that city.

So I can go on and on to show you many evidences in Sri Lanka that can be compared to the stories you read in the Book (Ramayanaya). So what I am trying to highlight here is that we need to find links in between the independently born local stories in Sri Lanka and the book before we claim that Ramayanaya or Ravana is just a myth.

I know that knowing that there is a link alone cannot scientifically prove that Ravana exist or Ramayanaya is true, but it is a handful to stop calling that it is a myth and start aggressively study further..

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Ravana - The Noble Emperor of Lanka

He was the king for all human and divine races, and the one who can command the Sun.