Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Windows 7 RC and Critics

Over the past few years, world have asked Microsoft to make changes to Windows. They say that they listened closely. Now the time has to share the early look at how they've used our feedbacks. They say Windows 7 is faster, more reliable, and makes it easier to do what you want. Check it out below...

Windows 7 seven First Official Video

While admiring what Microsoft has done to lift up IT as a whole, I’ve been on many blogs where people keep complaining that this new OS is a rip of of OS X, and that the new Taskbar is like the Dock in OS X, and that it’s going to suck. I also think that the picture viewer on tablet is a direct copy from i-phone. In addition to that early reviewer doubt that Windows 7 will be unstable, slow and full of useless features as it was with Vista..

I my opinion, MSFT will continue to use their new modular approach they used for vista to license this OS too, but some believe that Microsoft could charge users a monthly fee based on usage. That idea seems a bit far-fetched, because it will really put complete control of consumers’ in the hands of Microsoft.

In general, Microsoft, since the introduction of Windows 3.2, have done little to change the core part of the OS, rather they have patched around with multimedia rich features in the name of user friendliness. This approach has vastly reduced the overall performance of the operating system and has become a white elephant that eats up hardware for nothing.

I think it is the right time for Microsoft to think fresh and start over to build a new OS that match the current day requirements.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The World’s Biggest Rescue Operation is on…

The president of Sri Lanka (one and only Mahinda Rajapakse) has just taken Praba (the leader of LTTE) on to his shoulder and is about thrash him down on the ground as the Sri Lankan Army is carrying out the world's biggest the mother of all rescue operations, to rescue an over 100, 000 civilians kept on hostage by the LTTE…

It is the first time ever in the recorded history of this world, an operation was conducted to rescue more than 40, 000 civilians from a ruthless control of an terrorist outfit within a single day… I believe we are lucky to vitness a group of master combatants showing their master skills up against the world's most dangerous terrorist group..

As the battle with LTTE is reaching its peak, Major General Sarath Fonseka(SF) himself steps to the warfront while Sri Lankan Army stand toe-to-toe with so called Prabakaran the Mahaweera. At SF's able hands, many impossible have already become possible. Lots of things happened for the first time as he who loved by the war gods, kept on winning this war. This war is, once said, never winnable. This country with its strong roots leading to many thousand years back, has gifted enough with talents. As it happened many times before (through out in the Sri Lankan history), the right opponent for the LTTE had finally emerged.

Wouldn’t the man who beat the death have remembered the miscalculated suicidal attack LTTE did to kill him once? That day, I know LTTE tuned him perfectly by giving him the right will to end this war for ever.

Today, SF is at the battle front, standing tall waiting for his opponent to face him eye to eye. If the war between Ravana and Rama made all the worlds including heavens stand still, wouldn’t this be the same.

One would have thought that Army is resting with the two day combat break they had to celebrate the Sinhala and Tamil New Year. It was not that case, at around 2.00 A.M. of 20th of April, Sri Lankan Army unpredictably started an operation. They marched under the able leadership of Brigadier Savendra Silva to breaks through the last stretch line to open up another route for civilians to escape. Oh man… isn't that opens the flood gate.. over 40, 000 civilians, let me repeat it again 40, 000 civilians were fled to Army controlled areas in a matter of hours. It is called the great escape from terror…

A human avalanche is detected from the sky, same spy planes of Sri Lanka Air Force detected LTTE was using their fire power against their own people to stop them from fleeing away, but it is also noticed the great avalanche continues…

President has given the final warning to LTTE and also said he has no objection for them to eat the one that dangling from their neck… So it is the last few hours before Sri Lankan Army penitrate through LTTE leaders. Shame on Diasporas for pumping money for LTTE kill their relatives who lived with LTTE for this long... These Tamils who live in abroad wanted the innocent Tamils who live in LTTE controlled areas to fight and get killed to earn them a brand new home land.. These idiots earn enough money, hence did pomp them to LTTE to drag this war this long.. look what the end result really is..... They have gain nothing, but make the weapons sellers rich..

Civilians are running away from LTTE controlled areas..

LTTE is attacking the civilians with their heavy armed cars

Last part of the great escape, civilians are crossing the Pudukuduirippu Lagoon to reach their final destiny to end that heroic journey..

Civilians are coming in massive scale...

One little boy who tried to run away reported to have his both legs cut off in the midst of others being held and while his parents looking at it. Still can LTTE stop the flow..??

While all these things are happening, one news paper amazingly claimed that this operation is almost like the Israel’s Operation Entebbe. Operation Entebbe, also known as the Jonatan Operation or Entebbe Raid or Operation Thunderbolt, was a counter-terrorism hostage-rescue mission carried out by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) at Entebbe Airport in Uganda on the night of 3 July and early morning of 4 July 1976. In the wake of the hijacking of Air France Flight 139 and the hijackers' threats to kill the hostages if their prisoner release demands were not met, a plan was drawn up to airlift the hostages to safety. So the writer, with his good brain, thinks that, this master rescue operation is similar to the one which Israelis did that day. I am just speech less… I am angry, and very angry…. How long these people will take to think that we can do something by ourselves? Why they always try to find something from the west to compare our work. If it was not for Sir Arthur C. Clark, these people wouldn’t dare to say that great kingdom of Seegiriya is like the back yard of White House or something too…. Man, feel shame about what you said (I am so angry, hence cannot find the right words to show my anger).

I personally hate media (uneducated, idiotic, foolish and opportunist), all of them one way or other working toward their own agendas. I know, it is harder for anyone to write something without injecting their political view to that, I am OK with that but showing an unbelievable persuasive attitude toward west like this or changing the truth completely to suite his hidden political agenda will bring us nowhere…

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MIA, Protest Rallies and LTTE's Diplomatic Front

For any artist a good or bad the publicity is good. As M.I.A. (Mathangi Maya Arulpragasam), Grammy and Academy award nominee, Sri Lankan Tamil rap singer become a topic for Sri Lankan media, she became known for all of us too. As she is anyway a famous, I think this is a right time to talk a bit about her. M.I.A. is a rap artist known well for her famous song paper planes. Let's not talk about how a Sri Lankan rapper moved up the American music ladder so fast, this quick. But let's talk about US and its culture a bit. USA is, once called the land of opportunity. It is known to welcome the change and are so open and ready to absorb new things faster than any other country. This gives a canny one the opportunity to easily cheat them too. I don't have facts to prove that M.I.A. is cheating American, but she did performed at 2009 Grammy, and the blind folded audience cheered at that expecting woman, who was dressed to look like a deformed beetle. What an embarrassment to all expecting ladies.

Let’s lalso not talk about the black money the world's richest terrorist group (LTTE) has or the hidden agendas they run from behind, but let’s start from accepting that M.I.A. is really nominated for both Grammy and Academy. Let’s also accept that she is truly a talented musician, so as Mohammad Ali is truly a talented Boxer. I am not willing to compare M.I.A. with great Ali but the truth remains hidden that M.I.A. is carefully and cunningly has positioned her in a slot, which once great Mohammad Ali occupied to turn US society upside down. I have heard she claims that she is the only tamil who has a stage to talk about Tamils. She pretend like she wanted to put LTTE aside and help the Tamils. But the truth I believe is that she is trying to find that narrow margin where she can support LTTE while claiming that she supports civilians.

It is amazing at times to see how people like M.I.A positioned them self in a way so that even the most talented media personal cannot identify them. I have seeing how US media whole heartily supporting her not knowing who she really was/ is/ will be. Let me try to explain it here. In nature, there are two types of reptiles, some are venomous and some look like venomous but they truely are not. They just have the look and feel of a venomous creature for survival. In this case, it is hard for one to find which one is venomous and which one is not unless one let it bite to see whether it hurt. I believe M.I.A. is also like that venom less reptile. Mohammad Ali is like a venomous reptile. In this case M.I.A is pretending almost like Mohammad Ali but in reality SHE IS NOT, but tells me, how you going to prove it? If we can prove that, then we should be able to tell Oprah, why she should not have M.I.A. in her talk show..

Let’s break into the core part of the story, LTTE is a Tamil formed terrorist (FBI named them as the most ruthless terrorist group of the world) outfit that has a aim to break apart Sri Lanka and India to form a new homeland. M.I.A.’s father was a member of LTTE and worked full time for quite a long time. M.I.A. was once openly supported LTTE, but as LTTE is losing the recognition they had internationally, she carefully changed her stance and re-positioned her as the only Tamil who has a strong presence in USA musical stage to talk about Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka. Sometime M.I.A. can be an innocent musician, but as LTTE sees the recognition she has internationally, willingly or unwillingly she has to do what LTTE want her to do. That is the way LTTE work. I am sure that many of you have heard that Sonia Gandhi (President - Indian Congress) had become a target of Sri Lankan Tamil terrorists (LTTE). So for an organization that had powers to kill the Indian Prime-Minister, MIA must be just a toy. So I believe MIA is made to work toward a LTTE's plan. These days she does not openly support LTTE, but that can very well be a part of the plan too. In return, I doubt whether LTTE pump black money to assist her do wonders in the American music world. These days for US media, MIA seems to be the Mohammad Ali of the decade. But knowing her legacy with LTTE, can shee be an innocent Tamil who is begging for life of the Tamils who live in the war zone areas?

The LTTE has one goal and it is the only goal they have, that is to form a new country. On their way to achieve it, they have trained (brain washed) carders to suicide them self too. They are getting defeated in the war front now, but are trying to emerge in the diplomatic front with the help of internationally recognized Tamils such as people like VICO, KP and MIA.

In the war front, Sri Lankan Army has open up a whole new paradigm for world’s fight against terror. They have proved that defeating a terrorist group by military mean is not only probable but possible too. As the war is coming to its last part, LTTE has lost all their strongholds. They are using a human shield to protect them self. That tactic obviously can delay the defeat but obviously cannot prevent it. LTTE is doing this to earn time to assist their diplomatic front, so that they can convince international community to get that most wanted cease fire. However the Sri Lanka Army is at the eve of starting the world's largest ever rescue operation now (Already started now).

We all, including M.I.A. knows that Tamil civilians are forcefully used by LTTE as a human shield, but for some unknown reason no one seems to be bothered about that any more. We need to hit the head of the nail. That is, we need to ask LTTE to release the civilians, which will lead to end the fight soon and also will direct to an automatic sees fire later. However the LTTE diplomats are so good at wrestling with this issue to cheat the international community by showing the damage the war caused on civilians. In that sense international community is showing mercy to LTTE but is forcing SL government to give freedom of movement to civilians who got freed from LTTE areas. I doubt whether international community has realized the possible threat of LTTE regrouping and is attacking the Army from behind here. Additionally, I am not sure what method these international communities are using to separate a terrorist from a civilian?

Let’s come back to M.I.A. issue again, so I think US media need to seriously study her before they cry for those on-demand hoaxes she made in every interview she faced. She seems to be having a thick skin, a sexy look and a corrupted mind. She can do anything to assist her coward acts. We all know that she openly supported Obama once too. Obama is the president of United State of America now. If one carefully studies, we can see a series incident linked one after the other in an orderly manner there. I am not saying that US president is supporting LTTE, but when a South Indian Tamil wrote a book about Obama, we just thought that it cannot just be another book but that was written with a purpose behind. It is that common goal that they all are trying to achieve. We all know that South India is fully behind LTTE and is supporting them openly.

While this drama is performing in one part of the world, we see a series of Tamil protest rallies in other parts. It is common to see people comes to road and shout about Tamil genocide in war zone areas of Sri Lanka. International media gives full coverage to these protestors who unsettle the daily life of these countries. However interestingly the same media didn't speak a word, when the similar were happening in Iraq... Sad part of the story is that many of these Tamils have their own goal and they are shedding crocodile tears.

How many of you know that most of these Tamils, who live in war zone areas, are willingly stay with LTTE to support their fight? Most of these Tamils who stay there right now, either have their family members currently working for LTTE or have relatives who got killed while serving for LTTE. They are waiting there willingly and they wanted to get injured/ killed, so then, these so called diaspora can have brand new topics every day for their ongoing protest rallies. Let me tell you the truth, these Tamils who have migrated (largely to countries like Canada, England, Swiss-Land, Australia, Norway etc) as refugees will have to come back, if the war ends. These Tamils wanted to drag the war. But now the war is ending, so these Tamils know that they have to come back soon, as they cannot live as refugees anymore. So these refugees are protesting as they have no other options. They are protesting for them in the name of Tamils civilians who are willingly stay with LTTE.

When Tamils attacked the Sri Lankan embassy in Norway, do you believe that a single face of a attacker was not captured by any media who recorded the scene? Can that just be another incident?? Can that just be something done by a group of innocent Tamils? I think it was very well planned..

Students walking from Toronto to Chicago, to help us drag this war little longer, so then they can stay in Canada little longer with their refugee visa??

Demonstrators display LTTE flags and banners calling for a ceasefire in Sri Lanka, so that LTTE can recover, to drag the fight along little longer. That way they can stay in London forever??

In Canada a protester told that “We're urging the Canadian government to press for peaceful negotiations between the Tigers and the Sri Lankan government to bring an end to the war in our homeland", so that a peace talk can give the most wanted break to collect more weapons to start the fight again for LTTE?? Is that what they want?? Isn't that what happened before..

This is same across the world, some Tamils are jumping to rivers, while some others are willing to burn themselves, but all of them are knowingly and willingly supports LTTE to drag this fight as long as they can, so that Tamil Diaspora can continue to have their luxury life as long as they wish in those so called developed countries..

Not a bad plan, isn’t it???

This is a marginal play, where one has a 50% chance of proving either.. You cannot blame anybody or claim anything.. I don't know how long these so called international community will take to realize this..

Ravana - The Noble Emperor of Lanka

He was the king for all human and divine races, and the one who can command the Sun.