Thursday, March 19, 2009

So you called it Media Freedom...

I am not sure about "FREE" "MEDIA" but those who work in Media as the holly Quran state, I believe are those who bought this life at the cost of their next life.. The Media today is act with no responsibility. They do whatever they want, hiding behind those two heavenly words called "Media Freedom".

In my mind the media's role is significant in a society like ours. It can play the role of development of collective understandings, new concepts, social awareness and the momentous decisions needed for the growth of our society. However the fact remains that the media today knowingly and willingly report falsehoods for commercial reasons, controversy makes them richer.

It is common these days to see Medias report the same incident in many different ways to prove their pre-meditated ideas.

Recentlt we saw how Media act in an unbelievably selfish manner too. The stories given below have ample evidence to this irresponsibility that the Sri Lankan media has shown ..

The picture below evident how media behave, when Lasantha Wickramatunga was rushing to the Kalubowilla hospital after an unidentified gunman shot and injured him. The brutally injured reporter was obviously in a bad shape and he should have been allowed to be taken in to the hospital without the nurses and doctors having to scream at mostly media people who wanted a picture of a person fighting to stay alive.

It got worst as Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Mahinda Wijesekara carrying to the hospital after being air lifted to Colombo for surgery.

It is reported that not just at the outside of the hospital but even inside the operation theater there were battling to get a photo of that injured minister who was fighting with the death. You can clearly see how hard it was for doctor and other medical officers to control the crowd.

We all know that most media personals are just uneducated idiotic and foolish carders, but still how would one bargain a headline photo of their new paper with a life of an individual who is fighting for his/ her last breath.

The images below speaks for all… (These were taken at the recent suicide bomber attack at Matara, Akurassa)

killing is one but this is something else.. So, borthers, just help me to understand...


Chinthaka said...

Still U are commenting and criticizing about the media behaviors with the photographs of a same journalist. They are protecting of our 'right to know' right. So please understand there are 2 sides in every story.

Manoj said...

Protecting our "rights to know" this way????
Don't you think that they would have done it without disturbing the "right to live" of these people wounded.
This is not the only case, but I have known several instances (in all most all such cases) these media people's misbehaviour from doctors and other people.
I am not blaming everybody but most act this way.

Anonymous said...

Well done brother.. I appreciate you wrote about this growing concern..

But the sad part is that we still have some who fail to recognize priorities.. among them, most are journalist who dare to dedicate everything for so called media freedom (or dollars they receive for their work)


Nirosh said...

Hi Chinthaka,

Still U are commenting and criticizing about the media behaviors with the photographs of a same journalist.

It is needless to say that the context of the blog is not about the core content of the photographs but the unintentional side news that shown up through it. So in this regard even from the argument perspective your argument is not valid..

I have many things to say, but let me point one. If you read the first part of the blog you can see how reporters block Lasantha W. (he himself is a leading reporter) as they try to take him to the operation theater. In that regards reporters were protecting the "right to know" by violating another journalist's "right to live"..

I said what I have to say, so you decide who is right here and who is wrong..

RanaviruSewana said...

That is the Exactly meaning of FUCKing Media Freedom.

Anonymous said...

so who took these pictures published on this article? hmm...

Anonymous said...

Hi Nirosh,

You have selected a topic that most of the ppl afraid to raise, or don't want to raise.

These ppl are thinking they are having a super power over all the other ppl. F***ing Media Freedom.

well done mate.

Anonymous said...

so who took these pictures published on this article? hmm..

I don't mind of not seeing those pictures, if an innecent one can be helped/rescued by the photographer insted.

Thusi said...


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