Monday, April 20, 2009

The World’s Biggest Rescue Operation is on…

The president of Sri Lanka (one and only Mahinda Rajapakse) has just taken Praba (the leader of LTTE) on to his shoulder and is about thrash him down on the ground as the Sri Lankan Army is carrying out the world's biggest the mother of all rescue operations, to rescue an over 100, 000 civilians kept on hostage by the LTTE…

It is the first time ever in the recorded history of this world, an operation was conducted to rescue more than 40, 000 civilians from a ruthless control of an terrorist outfit within a single day… I believe we are lucky to vitness a group of master combatants showing their master skills up against the world's most dangerous terrorist group..

As the battle with LTTE is reaching its peak, Major General Sarath Fonseka(SF) himself steps to the warfront while Sri Lankan Army stand toe-to-toe with so called Prabakaran the Mahaweera. At SF's able hands, many impossible have already become possible. Lots of things happened for the first time as he who loved by the war gods, kept on winning this war. This war is, once said, never winnable. This country with its strong roots leading to many thousand years back, has gifted enough with talents. As it happened many times before (through out in the Sri Lankan history), the right opponent for the LTTE had finally emerged.

Wouldn’t the man who beat the death have remembered the miscalculated suicidal attack LTTE did to kill him once? That day, I know LTTE tuned him perfectly by giving him the right will to end this war for ever.

Today, SF is at the battle front, standing tall waiting for his opponent to face him eye to eye. If the war between Ravana and Rama made all the worlds including heavens stand still, wouldn’t this be the same.

One would have thought that Army is resting with the two day combat break they had to celebrate the Sinhala and Tamil New Year. It was not that case, at around 2.00 A.M. of 20th of April, Sri Lankan Army unpredictably started an operation. They marched under the able leadership of Brigadier Savendra Silva to breaks through the last stretch line to open up another route for civilians to escape. Oh man… isn't that opens the flood gate.. over 40, 000 civilians, let me repeat it again 40, 000 civilians were fled to Army controlled areas in a matter of hours. It is called the great escape from terror…

A human avalanche is detected from the sky, same spy planes of Sri Lanka Air Force detected LTTE was using their fire power against their own people to stop them from fleeing away, but it is also noticed the great avalanche continues…

President has given the final warning to LTTE and also said he has no objection for them to eat the one that dangling from their neck… So it is the last few hours before Sri Lankan Army penitrate through LTTE leaders. Shame on Diasporas for pumping money for LTTE kill their relatives who lived with LTTE for this long... These Tamils who live in abroad wanted the innocent Tamils who live in LTTE controlled areas to fight and get killed to earn them a brand new home land.. These idiots earn enough money, hence did pomp them to LTTE to drag this war this long.. look what the end result really is..... They have gain nothing, but make the weapons sellers rich..

Civilians are running away from LTTE controlled areas..

LTTE is attacking the civilians with their heavy armed cars

Last part of the great escape, civilians are crossing the Pudukuduirippu Lagoon to reach their final destiny to end that heroic journey..

Civilians are coming in massive scale...

One little boy who tried to run away reported to have his both legs cut off in the midst of others being held and while his parents looking at it. Still can LTTE stop the flow..??

While all these things are happening, one news paper amazingly claimed that this operation is almost like the Israel’s Operation Entebbe. Operation Entebbe, also known as the Jonatan Operation or Entebbe Raid or Operation Thunderbolt, was a counter-terrorism hostage-rescue mission carried out by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) at Entebbe Airport in Uganda on the night of 3 July and early morning of 4 July 1976. In the wake of the hijacking of Air France Flight 139 and the hijackers' threats to kill the hostages if their prisoner release demands were not met, a plan was drawn up to airlift the hostages to safety. So the writer, with his good brain, thinks that, this master rescue operation is similar to the one which Israelis did that day. I am just speech less… I am angry, and very angry…. How long these people will take to think that we can do something by ourselves? Why they always try to find something from the west to compare our work. If it was not for Sir Arthur C. Clark, these people wouldn’t dare to say that great kingdom of Seegiriya is like the back yard of White House or something too…. Man, feel shame about what you said (I am so angry, hence cannot find the right words to show my anger).

I personally hate media (uneducated, idiotic, foolish and opportunist), all of them one way or other working toward their own agendas. I know, it is harder for anyone to write something without injecting their political view to that, I am OK with that but showing an unbelievable persuasive attitude toward west like this or changing the truth completely to suite his hidden political agenda will bring us nowhere…

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