Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Anarkali Akarsha to Southern Provincial Council

Anarkali Akarsha, to contest for Southern Provincial Council elections representing the Galle District under the UPFA ticket, confirms Susil Premajayantha General Secretary UPFA..

In this regards, She has received the nod from the President himself to contest for the Bentara-Elpitiya polling division at the upcoming Council polls.

Anarkalli Akarsha was Mr. Samaraweera´s Coordinating Secretary during his days as Minister in the UPFA government. However there are other sources that says that she was appointed to that post directly by the president himself..

This celebrated actress was to marry young politician Duminda Silva once, but after he abducting her in several occasions due to some personal matters, later said that if this is how politicians in our country conduct themselves, she would rather be a free ordinary citizen than the wife of a gun-wielding politician.

However, this is going to be interesting, let's wait and see how the people of South respond to this move by the Government....


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