Friday, January 22, 2010

President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Death Win??

President Mahinda would have won this presidential election quite easily, if not for his bad election campaign. At the time when he announced the election, President Mahinda was the more popular candidate. His bad election campaign drags him down to an end where it has suddenly become a close fight. As they talk more, as they work more, the lost of votes become the heigher. But no matter what, at the end MR will surely win and be the next president of this country, but the million dollar question is the percentage of the lead that he would acquire.

In the same time, a win for MR would reduce the much expected post election violence.

If it is a close win. That would create doubts among people, making the upcoming parliament election an even closer fight. That can increases the uncertainty, forcing a signification portion of floating voters to vote for UNP at the next election. A close win would also give ever needed confident to a significant portion of frustrated government MPs to swap their side. If a win for SF could put the country in an anarchy state, a same could expect from a close win. A close win can paralyze the government, badly effecting the growth of the country. MR is a good leader and he take right decisions the right time (good or bad), but if the win in the presidential election is a close one, then the paralyzed enemies will gain energy to rise against him openly. That, in one way can press the morals of his proud family members to the wall.

If MR can manage to get a 60% win over the main opponent in the presidential election that can very well guarantee an easy win for him in the upcoming parliament election.
After the win, it is going to be challenging for MR to not to take the path, which CBK took in her second term. She single handedly managed to create a barbaric queen out of her. That deposits energy in the people of this country to chase after her after her term ends. She ran out of the country like a traitor (She is truly a sex addict traitor). Who ever brought her to power in 1994 did a historic mistake. So where we are with MR, is he going to do the same..? I can categorically note that he is very precisely aligned to frustrate the people who will vote for him.

This will be MR’s last win and that will be the last win for UPFA too. In another term it will be their death win. MR can bring forward one of his brother (Basil, Probably) as the next presidential candidate, but only to create strong objections from his own party. That will break the party in to several pieces. In the same way bringing up one like Maithreepala Sirisena would also be an efficacious remedy to lost the election. He is the next logical selection for the post. But he is not a popular character among people. I don't think that he ever had a vision like it was with MR. It can be some one from UNP or the candidate may not be even from UNP, but whoever it is, the bottom line is that it is going to be someone from another party (not UPFA) who is going to govern this nation after MR. That day if MR and his family does not want the people of his country to chase after them forgetting everything they did in the past, just like they did to CBK, he has to perform miracles, arrays of miracles just like he did by winning this war against terror. We will just be observers, they are the actors of this scene..

In my view point after they complete MR terms, UPFA will definitely lose the power. That will bring the much waited election violence into the stage too. That day, many politicians (including Mervin Silva), few media personals, army officers, artists will have to pay for the life they earned by doing what they do today. So it is going to be an interesting future ahead.. Election violence, corruption, and political jokes, political dramas (likes of what Wimal Weerawamse is doing) will be of their peaks. This will burry many into the sand valley of the nature as traitors, theifs, loons etc .. If one can remain as a Hero.. I sincerely hope that it would be MR. He has to be the Hero of this era..

The pen (to write the history) is with MR and he will be writing the history for him after the win over this election..

Later... In 20 years time from now....., the time will tell whether he really is the hero of this era or not..


Gotymbara said...

Hmm ....interesting Nirosh......Some what i agree with you. Srilankans are not stupid like earlier days. Specially Singhalaya.But who is there to lead our country????? This time i supported whole heartedly to MR. As you said he has some visions. If he tries to give any body from his family to become next leader of the country, its not going to work. I agree with you. He has to fine second line of leadership to train, not his family members.....Even after many years tamil sereratisr vultures will be waiting to grab a chance.

Nirosh said...


Thank for the comment buddy..

Things have changed, isn't it?, Our hero MR and SF are now fighting each other..

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Anonymous said...

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Nirosh said...

"Anonymous said...

[... ] is one must read source of information on this subject[...]

I am not clear what you are trying to say here.. but if you are trying to link this title to Wimal Weerawamsa's comment about SF's plans to kill MR to gain the presidency??

Then, read this .. I wrote this Article before the presidential election and the death win refers not to the physical death but to the political death of MR..

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